Friday, September 21, 2012

A Nostradamus prediction of the USA in 2012?

I was paging through an old book on Nostradamus prophesies by Erica Cheetham yesterday and I came across one she couldn't decipher.

Here it is (Century V V.XCVI):

The rose upon the middle of the world
Because of new deeds public blood is shed.
To speak the truth they will have closed
mouths.  Then, at the time of need the
awaited one will come late.

I immediately understood what it could mean.  The US is the rose.  Because of new deeds - in other words, because of Obamacare and the stimulus programs of the government - public blood, public money, is spent.  The administration has been getting caught increasingly telling lies, for instance about the cause of the attacks on embassies in Libya and Egypt, and to tell the truth about almost anything would have to shut its mouth.

I'm not sure about the "awaited one".  It could mean Mr. Romney.  In terms of being awaited, I think it means that many have been waiting and hoping for someone new to take the Presidency in November.  And it IS very late, perhaps too late, to save the country from ruin.

In my view, this is an unnerving quatrain.


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